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Letter to the editor-Gold Butte

  MESQUITE LOCAL NEWSIn reading “Gold Butte boundary may be adjusted” according to a statement by Senator Heller, I very much question whether President Trump has the authority to change monument boundaries, and furthermore, why anyone would even want to do so. The recommended changes according to Mr. Heller, would be “minor,” but would address… Read more »

LETTER: Gold Butte Deserving of Monument Status

MOAPA VALLEY PROGRESS- I have been a Moapa Valley resident for nearly twenty years and I feel I know the culture and pulse of the valley fairly well. I love this community and appreciate the people and personalities that make it unique. I don’t always agree with the mainstream valley philosophy, but I do understand that… Read more »

STATEMENT: Friends of Gold Butte Responds to Rumored Reductions of Gold Butte National Monument

  LAS VEGAS – In response to Senator Dean Heller’s statement to the Las Vegas Review Journal that there may be reductions to the Gold Butte National Monument boundary, Jaina Moan of the Friends of Gold Butte released the following statement in response to this rumored illegal action: “Any reductions to the Gold Butte National… Read more »

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