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Tribes encourage Zinke to visit Gold Butte

LAS VEGAS SUN LETTER TO THE EDITOR–Thank you for your editorial asking Rep. Ryan Zinke, if confirmed as secretary of the Interior, to uphold Gold Butte’s protected status (“Interior secretary, Congress should support Gold Butte,” Las Vegas Sun, Jan. 1). We, too, were alarmed by Zinke’s comments that he might strip the national monument of… Read more »

Obama’s national monument designations were lawful, not land grabs

LOS ANGELES TIMES–President Obama’s 2016 national monument designations have prompted Republican critics from Nevada to Maine to suggest that, under cover of the Antiquities Act of 1906, he exceeded his authority, orchestrating a massive federal land grab. These critics are ignoring the history and scope of the act and the positive effects of monument designations… Read more »

Gold Butte proclamation still allows hunting, fishing in area

By C. DOUGLAS NIELSEN SPECIAL TO THE LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL On Dec. 28, outgoing President Barack Obama brought to a sudden end the ongoing argument about the future of a remote piece of Nevada real estate known as Gold Butte. Citing his authority under the American Antiquities Act, Obama issued a proclamation designating 296,937 acres… Read more »

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