LETTER: Gold Butte Deserving of Monument Status

MOAPA VALLEY PROGRESS- I have been a Moapa Valley resident for nearly twenty years and I feel I know the culture and pulse of the valley fairly well. I love this community and appreciate the people and personalities that make it unique. I don’t always agree with the mainstream valley philosophy, but I do understand that… Read more »

STATEMENT: Friends of Gold Butte Responds to Rumored Reductions of Gold Butte National Monument

  LAS VEGAS – In response to Senator Dean Heller’s statement to the Las Vegas Review Journal that there may be reductions to the Gold Butte National Monument boundary, Jaina Moan of the Friends of Gold Butte released the following statement in response to this rumored illegal action: “Any reductions to the Gold Butte National… Read more »

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Trump seeking to exploit

LAS VEGAS SUN- An executive order by President Donald Trump could potentially eliminate Gold Butte’s national monument status. Sen. Dean Heller needs to oppose this executive order, because protecting Gold Butte’s designation as a national monument is a matter of social justice. The Moapa Band of Piautes consider Gold Butte’s land sacred and have been using… Read more »

Let’s take a stand for lands

  LAS VEGAS SUN- The Gold Butte and Basin and Range national monuments hold tens of thousands of years of culture that must be preserved. The review of their national monument status by the Trump administration is an attempt to erase history in favor of development. This is not to say that we should not… Read more »

Letter to the editor-Boone

MESQUITE LOCAL NEWS- In this post-truth era, the Congressional Western Caucus spins false narrative to con the public into giving away our recreation lands to extractive resources interests. In particular, the notion that National Monuments historically have been small, and should remain small, is false. One of the earliest national monuments was Grand Canyon National Monument,… Read more »

At Gold Butte, there’s more than meets the eye

THE SPECTRUM-Stephen Rowland, In My Opinion In his recent trip to Nevada, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spent a few hours in one of our newest national monuments — Gold Butte, where he viewed Native American rock art threatened by vandals, hiking trails that offer countless opportunities for exploration and fragile desert plants and wildlife native… Read more »

LETTER: Zinke Did Not Meet With Tribal Members

MOAPA VALLEY PROGRESS- The Moapa Valley Progress published a front-page article on August 2, 2017 commending Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, for a one day trip to Nevada. Secretary Zinke promised Nevada stakeholders a roundtable discussion on the unpopular national monument review, which puts Gold Butte and Basin & Range National Monuments at risk of… Read more »

Heller should take a stand

LAS VEGAS SUN- Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., needs to protect and voice support for Gold Butte national monument, Nevada’s portion of the Grand Canyon and one of our state treasures. Gold Butte is one of 27 national monuments that were placed under review through an executive order by President Donald Trump to determine whether federal… Read more »

NATIONAL MONUMENTS Zinke, Trump admin blasted as ‘big bullies’ in Nev. tour

E & E NEWS- Las Vegas- Democratic Rep. Dina Titus yesterday railed against Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s abbreviated review of national monuments in Nevada and accused the Trump administration of acting “like big bullies” in its management of public lands. Titus appeared at a press conference organized by the progressive group Battle Born Progress, along… Read more »

In Gold Butte in Nevada, Ancient Rock Art and Rugged Beauty

NEW YORK TIMES- It was 105 degrees, and I was in the Mojave Desert looking for ancient images of goat-like creatures. I scanned the rock formations with my binoculars and then scrambled over some boulders and descended into a wash that was once a river. I guessed that only a handful of people in the… Read more »