Public Lands Are Under Siege. Here’s What Trail Runners Need to Know.

  TRAIL RUNNER- In a leaked memo obtained by the Washington Post on September 17th, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended that President Trump modify or reduce 10 national monuments. The report is the culmination of a months-long review of 27 U.S. national monuments (the review was limited specifically to national monuments created under the 1906 Antiquities Act since January 1996, and only those… Read more »

A Day of Stewardship At Gold Butte National Monument

  MOAPA VALLEY PROGRESS- Nearly 40 volunteers from all around southern Nevada spent the day on Saturday, Sept. 30, in the Gold Butte National Monument painting kiosks, repairing fences, installing road signs and picking up trash. The stewardship event was held in recognition of National Public Lands Day, a national, single-day volunteer effort that connects… Read more »

This land is your land … for now

  LAS VEGAS SUN- Monument controversy adds gravity to National Public Lands Day A leaked Interior Department memo sent to the White House recommends shrinking Gold Butte and several other national monuments, according to the Associated Press. Early reports on recommendations made to President Donald Trump by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spared Nevada’s Gold Butte… Read more »

Nevada federal delegation reacts to Zinke’s National Monument memo

THE SPECTRUM- On Monday, a leaked memo surfaced from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to President Donald Trump recommending the reduction of six national monuments, including Gold Butte National Monument in Southern Nevada. Gold Butte, which spans nearly 300,000 acres of desert south of Mesquite, was one of 27 monuments Zinke reviewed earlier this year. During… Read more »

Opponents vow to sue over Zinke national monuments changes

THE SPECTRUM- An organization representing Native American tribes, environmental groups and others are vowing to fight any efforts by President Donald Trump to shrink national monuments as proposed in a leaked memorandum from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. The memorandum, first reported by the Wall Street Journal and then obtained by the Associated Press, suggests reducing the boundaries… Read more »

Trump Will Have a Hard Time Shrinking the Monuments

  Outside Online- Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke left much to the public imagination when he submitted his review of the 27 national monuments designated since 1996. His eight-paragraph summary mentioned no monuments by name. Zinke did, however, seek to make one point clear: “…there is no doubt that President [Donald] Trump has the authority to review and consider… Read more »

Letter to the editor-Gold Butte

  MESQUITE LOCAL NEWSIn reading “Gold Butte boundary may be adjusted” according to a statement by Senator Heller, I very much question whether President Trump has the authority to change monument boundaries, and furthermore, why anyone would even want to do so. The recommended changes according to Mr. Heller, would be “minor,” but would address… Read more »

LETTER: Gold Butte Deserving of Monument Status

MOAPA VALLEY PROGRESS- I have been a Moapa Valley resident for nearly twenty years and I feel I know the culture and pulse of the valley fairly well. I love this community and appreciate the people and personalities that make it unique. I don’t always agree with the mainstream valley philosophy, but I do understand that… Read more »

STATEMENT: Friends of Gold Butte Responds to Rumored Reductions of Gold Butte National Monument

  LAS VEGAS – In response to Senator Dean Heller’s statement to the Las Vegas Review Journal that there may be reductions to the Gold Butte National Monument boundary, Jaina Moan of the Friends of Gold Butte released the following statement in response to this rumored illegal action: “Any reductions to the Gold Butte National… Read more »

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Trump seeking to exploit

LAS VEGAS SUN- An executive order by President Donald Trump could potentially eliminate Gold Butte’s national monument status. Sen. Dean Heller needs to oppose this executive order, because protecting Gold Butte’s designation as a national monument is a matter of social justice. The Moapa Band of Piautes consider Gold Butte’s land sacred and have been using… Read more »