Dispute Over Cattle Grazing Disrupts Patrols Of Federal Land

Ever since a tense, armed standoff near Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch in 2014, a vast and sensitive piece of federal public land adjacent to the Grand Canyon has gone unmanaged and unpatrolled. It’s safe to travel into the area called Gold Butte so long as you’re not in a federal vehicle, according to Jaina Moan… Read more »

Editorial: Gold Butte worthy of protection

I’ve wanted to find the time to get out to Gold Butte for quite some time now. My friend and former colleague, Desert Valley Times editor Dave Bly, brought back some amazingly beautiful photographs from out there that he shared with me once upon a time, and since then, it’s been on my “to do”… Read more »

Gold Butte speaker series opens this week

The Friends of Gold Butte Speaker Series in Mesquite will open a new year on Wednesday night. What better place to start than at the beginning? Dr. Steve Rowland, a professor of geology at UNLV, will speak about the geologic evolution of the Gold Butte region during a presentation that will describe the forces and… Read more »

Poll: Nevada voters support solar power, fear for the Colorado River

Ninety-one percent of Nevada voters said low levels of water in the state was a problem, and 70 percent believed that the Colorado River was at risk, according to the 2016 Conservation in the West poll released today by Colorado College’s State of the Rockies program. It’s the first time Nevada has been included in… Read more »

Reid talks about his goals for final year in U.S. Senate

Sen. Harry Reid’s focus is clear as he prepares for his final year in office. The 76-year-old Nevadan plans to use his leadership position in the Senate to drive a national agenda that he believes will help the middle class, get more Democrats elected and benefit his home state. Reid announced in March that he… Read more »

Letter to the editor: A boost for Mesquite

A study was recently released that examined the economic benefits of designating Gold Butte as a National Conservation Area. This study showed that more visitors would be attracted to our area and this would result in significant economic benefits for Mesquite. Specifically, the analysis found that an additional $2.7 million would be generated by visitors… Read more »

Federal protection is needed for Gold Butte

The Nevada Governor’s Global Tourism Summit was convened in Las Vegas last month with a primary goal of preparing local businesses for the “wave of international visitors that Nevada will welcome as its travel appeal expands into new markets.” Most often we associate international travel to Nevada with the Las Vegas Strip. The summit highlighted… Read more »

One View: Gold Butte deserves federal protection

In 1906, the destruction of Native American cultural sites in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon and what is now Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park prompted Congress to pass the Antiquities Act. President Teddy Roosevelt signed the bill into law in order to protect “historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific… Read more »