Another trip to the state’s scenic back roads

Last week I wrote about the Bureau of Land Management’s Back Country Byways in Northern Nevada so this week I’ll take a look at the program’s scenic back roads found in the rest of the state. Nevada has a total of eight National Back Country Byways, which are roads off the beaten track that have… Read more »

What’s in store for Nevada after Harry Reid retires

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s Friday announcement that he will not seek re-election in 2016 left many Nevadans wondering what the future holds for the Silver State after its most powerful voice at home and in Washington passes from the scene. In ways big and small, Reid was known to bring home the bacon for Nevada… Read more »

Encourage Efforts to Preserve Lands

To the Editor: While we celebrate the amazing achievement realized late last year with the designation of Tule Springs Fossil Beds as a national monument, we must remember we cannot stop our efforts. Sen. Harry Reid and Congresswoman Dina Titus have introduced companion bills to protect two other Nevada treasures: Gold Butte and Basin and… Read more »

BLM Working to Restore Gold Butte

JJ Smith, restoration project manager at the Bureau of Land Management, informed an audience of the ecology of the Gold Butte area and its issues of endangered species and plants at the Friends of Gold Butte Education Series Wednesday at the Community Theatre. When studying ecology, ecologists focus on four things, Smith said: The interactions… Read more »

More National Parks

To the Editor:   California, Arizona and Utah have large federal conservation lands that attract tourists from around the world. In Las Vegas, visitors from around the world use our city as a hub to visit Death Valley, the Grand Canyon and Zion — all of which are in other states. We could keep these… Read more »

Environmental Issues

To the Editor:   I attended Hardy’s town hall meeting and he was quite confident, perhaps arrogant, that “his people” were taking very good care of the land around here, speaking on Gold Butte.   I could include scores of additional photos of dumped couches, appliances, carpet and heaps of garbage all over the Virgin… Read more »

Protecting Nevada Lands

To the Editor:   Thank you for the article about the public lands meeting hosted by Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Dina Titus (“Lands bill could hamper Yucca Mountain Project,” Feb. 20 Review-Journal). I attended the meeting, and the room was packed with Southern Nevada residents who expressed overwhelming support for public lands protection.  … Read more »

“Nevada is working to conserve its natural lands”

Everyone knows Las Vegas for its hotels and casinos, shows and entertainment services. Although many also know the beauty of surrounding natural areas like Lake Mead or Red Rock Canyon, few know that work is continuing to protect more public lands.   The major national parks like the Grand Canyon were not established overnight, nor… Read more »