Nevada’s national monuments worth saving

LAS VEGAS SUN- In case you haven’t heard, President Donald Trump is seeking to overturn Nevada’s national monuments. And in case you also haven’t heard, we have excellent elected officials in Congress working to defend those monuments. Reps. Dina Titus, Ruben Kihuen and Jacky Rosen and Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto have been stalwart defenders of the… Read more »

Gold Butte is a national jewel

LAS VEGAS SUN- I was introduced to Gold Butte’s 350,000 acres in 2010 when I moved to Las Vegas and started hiking in the area. I was amazed at its beauty and awed by its American Indian cultural history. I was surprised it did not have a protected status. With former President Barrack Obama designating… Read more »

Trump’s attack on national monuments reflects disregard for America’s diversity

THE HILL- June 8 marks 111 years since President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act, opening the door for sixteen Presidents — eight Democrats and eight Republicans — to designate national monuments that reflect our nation’s diversity. National monuments like Bears Ears in Utah, Gold Butte in Nevada, and San Gabriel Mountains in California engage… Read more »

Let’s take a stand for national monuments

  LAS VEGAS SUN- Throughout my career, I’ve watched visitors from around the world flock to Nevada to experience our nightlife, gaming, shopping, restaurants and entertainment. These tourists also come to see our national monuments and enjoy the rolling red rocks, gaze at the open blue skies and experience the desert heat. With this in… Read more »

Gold Butte’s long road to protection

THE SPECTRUM- There has been much speculation about the fate of Gold Butte in recent weeks. The newly-designated monument is one of 27 nationally under review by the Department of Interior. But here in Southern Nevada and Utah, protecting this special place is an old conversation. As our community once again contemplates Gold Butte’s future,… Read more »

Let’s protect Gold Butte

LAS VEGAS SUN- I’m writing to express my concern that Nevada’s beloved Gold Butte area is in danger of losing its national monument designation. I serve as a volunteer steward for the Nevada Site Stewardship Program and Bureau of Land Management. Our work is to monitor and protect ancient stories (petroglyphs) that our predecessors pecked into… Read more »

Public lands offer the best place for recreation. Speak up and protect them

THE GUARDIAN- Signed into law by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, the Antiquities Act has been used by 16 presidents – eight Republicans and eight Democrats – to safeguard millions of acres of exceptional public lands and waters, including outstanding fish and wildlife habitat that provides some of the best hiking, camping, floating, hunting and fishing… Read more »

We will have to fight to protect our national monuments

LAS VEGAS SUN- For the record, the Trump administration says it hasn’t rigged its review of whether to reverse orders designating 27 large national monuments, including Gold Butte, and Basin and Range. But for the record, President Donald Trump also once said he would label China a trade manipulator and that the government falsified its job… Read more »

Nevada doesn’t need Trump monument plan: Meghan Wolf

RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL- More than 20 years ago, Patagonia moved our service center to Reno, consolidating warehousing and customer service functions from different locations across the country. We’ve always been transparent about one of the major reasons we chose Reno: proximity to the outstanding public lands for our employees to get out and enjoy. During the… Read more »