Protect Gold Butte

I am writing to voice my disagreement with the Mesquite City Council’s decision to discuss repealing their resolution to support Gold Butte. Events of the last year have made it obvious that local control and local ownership of our wild lands is not always in the best interest of the public and the taxpayer. Many… Read more »

Chamber shows new video

The Mesquite-Area Chamber of Commerce showed its new video at the Community Forum Thusday. The video is designed to attract new business and tourism to Mesquite, according to Noel Smith, chamber president-elect. The video was paid for with a 2013 grant from the Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT) and a matching grant from the Mesquite… Read more »

Gold Butte full of treasures

The next time you hike or travel to Gold Butte, Red Rock, Whitney Pocket or any other prehistoric, or historic locations be cautious of its resources and treasures. During a Friends of Gold Butte education series last week, Rayette Martin, executive director of Nevadans for Cultural Preservations, explained the cultural resources in Southern Nevada and… Read more »

A monumental push: Reid plans to designate two more areas for protection

Until late last year, environmentalists’ and tourism officials’ dream of Congress bestowing a national monument outside Las Vegas seemed like a long shot. A bill to protect almost 23,000 acres of prehistoric fossil beds outside North Las Vegas had languished in Congress for several years. But thanks in part to Sen. Harry Reid’s behind-the-scenes jockeying… Read more »

Protecting Gold Butte

When I first moved to Mesquite from the east, I really did not have an appreciation of the desert environment. I felt it was dry and baron and lacking diversity. Since moving here, I have made an effort to study and explore our area through reading and hiking. I now realize how very fragile our… Read more »

Long meeting agenda draws out-of-towners

Tuesday’s City Council meeting brought a completely packed house, with over 130 in attendance. But it wasn’t filled with locals concerned about the new library proposal or sale of land around Exit 118. No, it was out of town residents who claim to visit Mesquite for its location adjacent to Gold Butte. The item on… Read more »

#MesquiteNV City Council Speaks on #ProtectGoldButte

More than 100 people packed Mesquite City Council Chambers Tuesday night. The majority of citizens were there to weigh in on whether the city should continue its support for Gold Butte to obtain National Conservation Area with Wilderness federal protection. Mesquite City Council passed Resolution 649 in 2009 and Resolution 669 in 2010 affirming support…. Read more »

City supports NCA for Gold Butte

After being bombarded with comments for nearly 90 minutes Tuesday night on making Gold Butte a National Conservation Area (NCA), the Mesquite City Council voted to support the designation as long as there is no wilderness area connected to it. City Councils in 2009 and 2010 had previously approved the support for the NCA “with… Read more »

#MesquiteNV – The Gateway to Gold Butte

On Tuesday, April 14, the Mesquite City Council will reexamine their support for protecting the Gold Butte region as a National Conservation Area (NCA). There are many reasons why this beautiful place should be protected, but the economic benefit of protecting Gold Butte should resonate with everyone who cares about Mesquite. As the “Gateway to… Read more »