Terrible Idea?

Sawing people in half usually ends well on the stages in Las Vegas. But city Councilman Kraig Hafen’s new idea of cutting the proposed Gold Butte NCA in half, eliminating all of the north portion, is a terrible idea. He would exclude all of the Virgin Mountains and all of the mountains north bajada with… Read more »

Counter point

Ammon Bundy is misleading the public (Opinion “Bundy objects to legislative testimony,” Desert Valley Times Tuesday April, 28, 2015) when he claims that his father (Cliven) “owns” 11 water rights. Bundy applied and received permits to use water from 11 streams feeding into the Mesquite community wells. These “permits” were never adjudicated. The state water… Read more »

#MesquiteNV City Council Votes To Weaken Support to #ProtectGoldButte

By a vote of 3 to 2, Mesquite City Council voted to weaken the city’s commitment to National Conservation with Wilderness at Gold Butte by passing Resolution 867 during a 3-1/2+ hour meeting last night. Councilpersons Kraig Hafen, George Rapson and Geno Withelder voted yes. Councilpersons Rich Green and Cindi Delaney voted no. Mayor Al… Read more »

#NVLeg Live Thread: Day 87

Road trip! We hit the road again yesterday. You’ll find out even more about where I went and what I saw, but I can tell you right now about a certain something I witnessed last night. Want to know what I saw? 7:30 AM: So my LTN Editorial Board colleagues quite graciously gave me a… Read more »

Council limits support of NCA area

Council limits support of NCA area. Public comment filled the majority of a contentious, three-hour Mesquite City Council meeting Tuesday about a resolution giving Council’s support on trimming the size of the National Conservation Area to end at the Whitney Pockets area. Comments ranged from the location of the line at Whitney Pockets, to Open… Read more »

Council splits votes; passes new resolution for Gold Butte support

Tuesday night’s regular City Council meeting was another long one, as 40 people, both local residents and several out-of-town visitors, spoke against any changes in the existing Resolutions 649 and 669 for more than 90 minutes. The new Resolution, 867 was motioned by Councilman George Rapson, seconded by Councilman Kraig Hafen, that would support an… Read more »

Council to cut Gold Butte NCA protection

The Mesquite City Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution regarding a National Conservation Area (NCA) designation for Gold Butte Tuesday at its regular meeting at 5 p.m. Old resolutions that were approved by previous councils supported an NCA designation with possible wilderness areas. The current council, however, disagreed with those resolutions and decided… Read more »

What’s going on?

What’s going on with this City Council? I attended the technical review meeting on Tuesday when members discussed wording of Resolution 867 on federal protection for Gold Butte. What was agreed is different than what is being presented at the City Council meeting on Tuesday night. In particular, radical boundary changes for the National Conservation… Read more »

Let’s “Bubble Wrap” #MesquiteNV City Council

Councilman Kraig Hafen’s brother, Tilman, said “bubble wrap me” at the last city council meeting while opposing the city’s resolution to federally protect Gold Butte as a National Conservation Area with Wilderness. After watching the actions and attitudes of this city council, I’ve concluded the only way to save our city is to “bubble wrap”… Read more »

Tuesday Council Meeting to revisit Gold Butte Resolution

According to Tuesday’s Technical Review Meeting, the Mesquite City Council will revisit the potential Resolution 867 that would replace Resolutions 649 and 669, which supported designating Gold Butte as a National Conservation Area. Through discussions, it was clear that there is still some fine-tuning that will need to take place, but the council will be… Read more »