Let’s Talk Gold Butte

The issue of Gold Butte is in the hands of the U. S. Government. In fact, it always has been regardless of what has been said by Mr. Bundy or anyone else. Mesquite’s contribution has been a series of resolutions offering support in some fashion for a Federal designation of an NCA with Wilderness. I’ll… Read more »

Preserving public land is profitable

The recent editorial “This land is our land, but Republicans see it differently” (lasvegassun.com, April 27) accurately depicts the real motivations behind the effort to take back public lands. The Sun deserves recognition for this truthful, no-holds-barred piece. The fact is there are elected officials who are “on board with dumping federal lands off our… Read more »

Lands are worth preservation

I fully support and applaud Sen. Harry Reid’s efforts to instill permanent protection of some of Southern Nevada’s most treasured lands. I am hopeful that Congress and the White House will see the benefits of keeping these lands open to the public rather than viewing them as a commodity better suited for corporate consumption or… Read more »

Locals Care Too

So your headline reads “Out-of-towners address issues related to Gold Butte” perhaps misleading some to assume there is little local support for the Gold Butte National Conservation Area. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that our Public Lands and Gold Butte are also of considerable interest and support from citizens outside the… Read more »

Opinion: City Council comments get out of hand

I just want to remind everyone that the resolution the Mesquite City Council passed Tuesday holds no legal weight in the eyes of anyone, anywhere. Congress isn’t going to look at it and immediately make changes. It is just a written statement of support, or in this case “sort of” support, of designating a National… Read more »

Terrible Idea?

Sawing people in half usually ends well on the stages in Las Vegas. But city Councilman Kraig Hafen’s new idea of cutting the proposed Gold Butte NCA in half, eliminating all of the north portion, is a terrible idea. He would exclude all of the Virgin Mountains and all of the mountains north bajada with… Read more »

Counter point

Ammon Bundy is misleading the public (Opinion “Bundy objects to legislative testimony,” Desert Valley Times Tuesday April, 28, 2015) when he claims that his father (Cliven) “owns” 11 water rights. Bundy applied and received permits to use water from 11 streams feeding into the Mesquite community wells. These “permits” were never adjudicated. The state water… Read more »

#MesquiteNV City Council Votes To Weaken Support to #ProtectGoldButte

By a vote of 3 to 2, Mesquite City Council voted to weaken the city’s commitment to National Conservation with Wilderness at Gold Butte by passing Resolution 867 during a 3-1/2+ hour meeting last night. Councilpersons Kraig Hafen, George Rapson and Geno Withelder voted yes. Councilpersons Rich Green and Cindi Delaney voted no. Mayor Al… Read more »

#NVLeg Live Thread: Day 87

Road trip! We hit the road again yesterday. You’ll find out even more about where I went and what I saw, but I can tell you right now about a certain something I witnessed last night. Want to know what I saw? 7:30 AM: So my LTN Editorial Board colleagues quite graciously gave me a… Read more »

Council limits support of NCA area

Council limits support of NCA area. Public comment filled the majority of a contentious, three-hour Mesquite City Council meeting Tuesday about a resolution giving Council’s support on trimming the size of the National Conservation Area to end at the Whitney Pockets area. Comments ranged from the location of the line at Whitney Pockets, to Open… Read more »