Protect Gold Butte, before visitors overrun it

When U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials arrived at the dedication site of the Gold Butte Backcountry Byway in June 1989, they were met by a line of peaceful protesters from the Moapa Band of Paiutes. The Paiutes were deeply concerned about the road. An official byway meant increased access, more motorized vehicles and the… Read more »

Now it’s time to protect Gold Butte, too

In future decades and centuries, our two recently created national monuments Tule Springs Fossil Beds and Basin and Range will join Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire and Lake Mead as cherished elements within Southern Nevada’s natural landscape. Such outdoor recreation opportunities attract a growing population of visitors who shun the bright lights of Las… Read more »

Gold Butte backers work to protect southern Nevada landscape

There is an effort to preserve part of the Southern Nevada desert/mountain landscape. The 350,000 acres in Gold Butte are rich in historic value and scenic beauty. But some of this land is being damaged. “So Whitney Pockets that has these Aztec sandstone outcroppings,” says Jaina Moan, executive director of Friends of Gold Butte, who… Read more »

Gold Butte called more vulnerable to vandals

WASHINGTON — In the aftermath of armed confrontation with supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy, the Bureau of Land Management largely has withdrawn from Gold Butte, leaving the environmentally sensitive Southern Nevada region more vulnerable to intruders and vandals, a preservation group said Wednesday. Friends of Gold Butte in a 34-page report documented disturbances to the… Read more »

Nothing like the night sky at Gold Butte

The Perseid meteor shower blazed across our dark desert skies this past week, and I was fortunate enough to share the experience with a group of youths who had never even witnessed a meteor streak across the sky. Our natural world put on for us an awesome show displaying the wonder and beauty of the… Read more »

Buscan preservar zona de Gold Butte

Decenas de personas se reunieron en las instalaciones del edificio Zappos Campus para solicitar la protección permanente del área Gold Butte, una zona natural e histórica ubicada en el Condado de Clark. El área de ‘Gold Butte’ se encuentra a menos de dos horas de Las Vegas y cuenta con una extensión territorial de 350,000… Read more »

Group Steps Up Efforts To Preserve Gold Butte

A new push to make the Gold Butte region a preservation site is taking place. The Live Monumental campaign is part of a nationwide effort from non-profits and private industry to federally protect five different areas in the country, including Gold Butte. Jaina Moan, the executive director of Friends of Gold Butte, told KNPR’s State… Read more »

Conservationists, company rally to protect Gold Butte

Two monuments down, one to go. That was the message from conservationists Thursday during a rally at the downtown headquarters of Zappos meant to spur momentum for the protection of Gold Butte in northeastern Clark County. The roughly 350,000-acre area two hours northeast of Las Vegas is home to ancient rock art galleries, sweeping desert… Read more »

Reid’s conservation award

To the Editor: Sen. Harry Reid deservedly received the League of Conservation Voter’s 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. No matter how you feel about the senator, you can’t deny the work he’s done for the environment, not just for the country, but right here in Nevada. Sen. Reid tirelessly and successfully fought against Yucca Mountain, created… Read more »