Battle Over Federal Land Surfaces In Presidential Debate

Ted Cruz just joined the Sage Brush Rebellion. A new 30-second spot, “Nevada Land,” says the land belongs to the people of Nevada, “not Washington bureaucrats.” To make his point Cruz features a picture of cattle grazing, presumably on federal lands. ”If you trust me with your vote, I will return full control of Nevada’s… Read more »

Bernie Asked at Town Hall If He Will Protect Native Lands

During MSNBC’s Town Hall last Thursday featuring Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, a tall Paiute man, William Anderson addressed Sanders from the audience: “There are those who oppose the American people’s ownership of public lands, and would see those lands sold to private interest. As president, how would you ensure that our public… Read more »

President Obama’s Preservation Plans: What Monument Should He Save Next?

President Obama has placed more land and water under federal conservation protection than any of his predecessors, and he apparently is far from finished. The Washington Post reports that Obama designated more than 1.8 million acres of California desert for protection on Friday. The creation of three new national monuments—Castle Mountains, Mojave Trails and Sand… Read more »

Protect Gold Butte

As a Mesquite resident, I enjoy getting outdoors to hike and enjoy the lands in my backyard. I have been to Gold Butte, and agree with Jud Burkett’s article, “Gold Butte Worthy of Protection.” Gold Butte is our piece of the Grand Canyon, and we should be proud of that. It was a special day… Read more »

Talking tradition and presence with Paiute artist and activist Fawn Douglas

Sipping an avocado smoothie at Tiabi Coffee & Waffle on Maryland Parkway, Fawn Douglas discusses ongoing damage to the petroglyphs in unprotected Gold Butte. Wearing a T-shirt that reads “Made in Native America,” the 30-something artist and activist says she is disgusted that people are using the ancient art for target practice, and makes it… Read more »

Senator Reid’s “To Do” List

I was glad to read Senator Reid’s goals for 2016 published last Saturday January 2nd. I applaud him for continuing to stand behind Gold Butte and for his dedication to seeing Gold Butte protected permanently. The “old indian writings” as the Senator referred to them, are only some of many treasures to discover in Gold… Read more »

Economic Benefits of Designating Gold Butte

A study was recently released that examined the economic benefits of designating Gold Butte as a National Conservation Area. This study showed that more visitors would be attracted to our area and this would result in significant economic benefits for Mesquite. Specifically, the analysis found that an additional $2.7 million would be generated by visitors… Read more »

The Beauty of Gold Butte Needs Protection

Less than two hours outside of Las Vegas lays a beautiful stretch of the Mojave Desert called Gold Butte. Here you’ll find forests of Joshua and Yucca, slot canyons and sandstone valleys, dozens of ancient petroglyphs and a host of wildlife. You can hike, hunt, camp, bike, ride and explore 360,000 acres of rugged, untouched… Read more »

Stop dumping at Gold Butte

Anyone who’s ever set foot or tire in Gold Butte should relate to the letter about the importance of protecting it (“Gold Butte’s beauty deserves protection,” Las Vegas Sun, Nov. 12). The sculpted red sandstone and rock spires mentioned are a painting come to life. It’s amazing what Mother Nature can create, but it’s even… Read more »