The Beauty of Gold Butte Needs Protection

Less than two hours outside of Las Vegas lays a beautiful stretch of the Mojave Desert called Gold Butte. Here you’ll find forests of Joshua and Yucca, slot canyons and sandstone valleys, dozens of ancient petroglyphs and a host of wildlife. You can hike, hunt, camp, bike, ride and explore 360,000 acres of rugged, untouched… Read more »

Stop dumping at Gold Butte

Anyone who’s ever set foot or tire in Gold Butte should relate to the letter about the importance of protecting it (“Gold Butte’s beauty deserves protection,” Las Vegas Sun, Nov. 12). The sculpted red sandstone and rock spires mentioned are a painting come to life. It’s amazing what Mother Nature can create, but it’s even… Read more »

Federal protection is needed for Gold Butte

I was happy to read that protection for Gold Butte will bring economic benefits to the City of Mesquite (Federal protection is needed for Gold Butte, 12/5/15). Mesquite has been my winter home for the last four years, since I retired. We selected this place because of the surrounding areas and outdoor recreational opportunities. I… Read more »

Preserving Our Lands

As a student at the University of Nevada, I learn about how America came to be a great nation, and the key role lands have played in our rise to the top, especially here in Nevada. Most things I read or learn about in my classes, I wonder if future generations will get to experience… Read more »

Protect our public lands

Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the United States, but we are also among the most underrepresented groups in outdoor recreation and conservation. I love hiking, but until now have not been an active participant in protecting the places I enjoy exploring. It’s a sad reality that special places in Nevada, like Gold Butte,… Read more »

Protect Gold Butte

I note the recently released economic study showing overwhelming benefits for Mesquite’s economy. In the more than 10 years that I have lived in Mesquite, I have witnessed the economic ups and downs affecting our town — a national measure for Gold Butte would provide a sustaining source of revenue for our local economy. Additional… Read more »

Election 2016 Live Thread: T-355 Days

Yes, hennies, the famed Jeremy Aguero studied the potential impact of heightened federal protection of Gold Butte… And found that Southern Nevada stands to benefit immensely. “We take great pride in the data we put together for our partners and we were pleased to work with Outside Las Vegas on this study. The findings in… Read more »

Ralston Live

TV Interview starting at 9:30:

Gold Butte’s beauty deserves protection

On a crisp Sunday morning the Sierra Club, Friends of Gold Butte and several members of the Moapa Band of Paiutes gathered near the entrance of Gold Butte, with one of the Paiute members leading a blessing before the hike. Driving down the trail we caught sight of a hawk elegantly soaring in the distance…. Read more »

Amodei off the mark on public land issues

Congressman Amodei’s recent comments on the Outdoor Industry Alliance’s findings that the majority of Nevadans oppose public land transfers to the state (“Outdoors Industry muscles into politics of public land,” Oct. 23) prove just how far off the mark he is on public land issues. Nevada State Legislature’s Senate Joint Resolution 1 met strong opposition…. Read more »