Reduction of monuments a land grab by the powerful: Moreno

RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL- In 2016, former President Barack Obama designated 1.35 million acres of land in Southeast Utah and 300,000 acres in Southern Nevada as two new national monuments. This move was one the largest acts of conservation Obama accomplished during his presidency. This all is about to change. Last month, President Donald Trump’s administration issued a… Read more »

Review-Journal Commentary: Greg Anderson

  LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL- Last Thursday marked the first anniversary of the designation of Gold Butte National Monument. We acknowledge and honor the important protection given to our ancestral lands. Protecting the land means protecting the roots of our cultural heritage. But even as we celebrate a milestone for the monument, a threat looms,… Read more »

Native voices will not be quelled on monuments

  LAS VEGAS SUN- I’m tired. Watching President Donald Trump announce huge changes to Utah’s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments this month, and waiting for what happens next to Nevada’s Gold Butte National Monument, I realize how tired I am. I’m tired of defending my peoples’ ancestral lands from unbelievable attempts to… Read more »

Letters to the Editor: Gold Butte supporters will fight back against President Donald Trump’s efforts to downsize monument

  LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL- In response to your Dec. 10 editorial on the reduction of national monuments by the Trump administration: I am a conservationist, though not hysterical. I live on the edge of Gold Butte and must point out that, for more than a decade, local residents, other Nevadans, Native Americans and visitors from… Read more »

Who counts as ‘local’? Not indigenous peoples, apparently: Edwards

RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL- White Americans sentimentally regret “what we did to the Indians” in the 19th century, but do not regret it enough to stop doing it in 2017. In 1830, it was economically expedient to expel Native Americans from the Carolinas and Georgia. So Andrew Jackson – whose portrait loomed behind President Trump last month as he… Read more »

Letters to the Editor: What water, at what cost?

  THE SPECTRUM- In talking about the five springs located in Gold Butte National Monument, it is estimated at current prices that it would take $40,000,000 to develop and deliver water from these springs. Twenty years from now, when that water is “needed,” the cost will surely exceed $40 million. Already, water district financial statements… Read more »

Nevada conservationists vow to protect national monuments

KSL.COM- Defenders of two national monuments in Nevada are vowing to wage a legal battle to protect them if President Donald Trump tries to shrink them like he did in Utah. Trump signed a pair of proclamations Monday dramatically reducing the size of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante monuments in Utah. Rep. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., says… Read more »

Outdoor areas are national treasures

LAS VEGAS SUN- Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I had never experienced the outdoors until last summer when I was accepted into the Latino Heritage Internship Program, a joint partnership between the National Park Service and Hispanic Access Foundation. As the Lake Mead National Recreation Area became my home, I discovered… Read more »