Nevada conservationists vow to protect national monuments

KSL.COM- Defenders of two national monuments in Nevada are vowing to wage a legal battle to protect them if President Donald Trump tries to shrink them like he did in Utah. Trump signed a pair of proclamations Monday dramatically reducing the size of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante monuments in Utah. Rep. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., says… Read more »

Outdoor areas are national treasures

LAS VEGAS SUN- Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I had never experienced the outdoors until last summer when I was accepted into the Latino Heritage Internship Program, a joint partnership between the National Park Service and Hispanic Access Foundation. As the Lake Mead National Recreation Area became my home, I discovered… Read more »

Small Businesses Implore Trump To Leave Monuments Alone

CBS LOCAL LAS VEGAS- Business leaders form towns close to national monuments across the United States sent a letter to the Trump administration, asking the President not to shrink the monuments’ borders. Small business leaders from Nevada have signed a letter to the Trump administration asking that national monuments like Gold Butte be left intact. They… Read more »


  MONUMENTSFORALL.ORG- Just days before Small Business Saturday, nearly 600 rural businesses, aquariums, and chambers of commerce sent a letter to Gary Cohn, Director of the National Economic Council, urging the Trump administration to help protect their bottom lines by maintaining boundaries and safeguards for America’s national monuments. The letter comes after the recent news that President Donald J. Trump… Read more »

Commentary: Southern Utah businesses united in keeping Grand Staircase-Escalante protected

  SALT LAKE TRIBUNE- Our country is on the cusp of losing protections for the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument – a place world famous for its geologic, biological, cultural, paleontological, and archeological wonders. President Donald Trump recently assured Sen. Orrin Hatch that he would follow Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s advice to downsize Grand Staircase as well as… Read more »

In honor of veterans, service and Gold Butte

  THE SPECTRUM- I’ve traveled all my life. I was the proverbial “Army brat.” My father was a Marine in World War II and then a soldier during the Korean War. He served a total of 24 years in uniform. Growing up with concepts such as duty, honor, country and sacrifice, it just seemed natural that I… Read more »

Utah Sportsman to Zinke: Hands Off Our Monuments!

  FIELD & STREAM- If you listen to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, President Trump, and most other GOP politicians, the only reason so many natural gems in the west are protected from mining and other industrial uses is because of a few “radical and outside environmental groups…real screamers.”  So, what then, to make of Jay Banta?… Read more »

Public Lands Are Under Siege. Here’s What Trail Runners Need to Know.

  TRAIL RUNNER- In a leaked memo obtained by the Washington Post on September 17th, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended that President Trump modify or reduce 10 national monuments. The report is the culmination of a months-long review of 27 U.S. national monuments (the review was limited specifically to national monuments created under the 1906 Antiquities Act since January 1996, and only those… Read more »

A Day of Stewardship At Gold Butte National Monument

  MOAPA VALLEY PROGRESS- Nearly 40 volunteers from all around southern Nevada spent the day on Saturday, Sept. 30, in the Gold Butte National Monument painting kiosks, repairing fences, installing road signs and picking up trash. The stewardship event was held in recognition of National Public Lands Day, a national, single-day volunteer effort that connects… Read more »

This land is your land … for now

  LAS VEGAS SUN- Monument controversy adds gravity to National Public Lands Day A leaked Interior Department memo sent to the White House recommends shrinking Gold Butte and several other national monuments, according to the Associated Press. Early reports on recommendations made to President Donald Trump by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spared Nevada’s Gold Butte… Read more »