Letters to the Editor: What water, at what cost?



THE SPECTRUM- In talking about the five springs located in Gold Butte National Monument, it is estimated at current prices that it would take $40,000,000 to develop and deliver water from these springs.

Twenty years from now, when that water is “needed,” the cost will surely exceed $40 million. Already, water district financial statements show a multi-million debt in the tens of millions of dollars with structured payments to at least 2033. Should the water district take on huge additional debt?

Let’s also be reminded that the springs are not proven, either in quantity or quality; water monitoring has only recently started in this area. It is a guess as to how much water is really available and, at best, it is probably a seasonal source.  Is the cost in dollars just too high to move this water?

In part, the water district’s conservation plan indicates “Water is a scarce commodity in the Virgin River watershed and Nevada is particularly short on this natural resource.  Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility and is an ‘everyday’ way of life in the High Desert Country. Common sense is usually the best rule to follow. The water that is used carelessly is depriving someone else of this valuable resource. Water is not only vital for human habitation but also for the wildlife in our area. They too should be considered in any water conservation plan.”

It is possible the water from these springs should remain where it is and benefit ground water recharge?

Michele Burkett