Let’s protect Gold Butte


LAS VEGAS SUN- I’m writing to express my concern that Nevada’s beloved Gold Butte area is in danger of losing its national monument designation.

I serve as a volunteer steward for the Nevada Site Stewardship Program and Bureau of Land Management. Our work is to monitor and protect ancient stories (petroglyphs) that our predecessors pecked into the Navajo sandstone thousands of years ago.

In my volunteer capacity and just as one who loves to hike and explore the Mojave Desert, I have seen unfortunate cases of vandalism of these irreplaceable pieces of history.

Having attended public forums on the subject, I understand both sides’ stances and passions. However, a logical look at Gold Butte finds no private land is affected, no current land rights are denied and no legitimate roads have been closed. From my view, it is business as usual, with ATVs, hikers, equestrians, campers, night-sky enthusiasts and photographers all enjoying the area.

Let’s ensure that our piece of the Grand Canyon and all of its wonders and treasures are protected for future generations to cherish and enjoy just like my family and I do