Lands are worth preservation


I fully support and applaud Sen. Harry Reid’s efforts to instill permanent protection of some of Southern Nevada’s most treasured lands. I am hopeful that Congress and the White House will see the benefits of keeping these lands open to the public rather than viewing them as a commodity better suited for corporate consumption or to appease a rancher-turned-sensationalized-cult-hero.

I consider myself an outdoor and off-road enthusiast. Therefore, I am especially fond of Gold Butte for its wide variety of natural beauty. The rock formations are unique in that they cannot be found anywhere within driving distance of the Southern Nevada area. There is a wide array of wildlife representative of the Silver State, such as the bighorn sheep, the desert tortoise, the banded Gila monster and many other indigenous species. I also must mention the ancient campsites, caves and rock art that serve historical as well as educational purposes.

To the north are Basin and Range, which have their own cultural and recreational value and are also included within Rep. Dina Titus’ and Reid’s proposals.

In my opinion, these lands fit the criteria of the Sun’s definition of a “national monument” and therefore should be permanently protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy. Hopefully common sense prevails and Nevada will be kept in its natural grace rather than a skin of concrete.

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