Encourage Efforts to Preserve Lands


To the Editor:

While we celebrate the amazing achievement realized late last year with the designation of Tule Springs Fossil Beds as a national monument, we must remember we cannot stop our efforts.

Sen. Harry Reid and Congresswoman Dina Titus have introduced companion bills to protect two other Nevada treasures: Gold Butte and Basin and Ridge. They need and deserve our appreciation and support. These lands need immediate protection for open space, wildlife, art and cultural resources. We know achieving these goals will not be easy.

Please take the time to call or email Reid and Titus to say thank you and to let them know we are behind them. Perhaps even more important, contact the other members of our Nevada delegation to let them know how important these areas are, not only for our enjoyment of these beautiful areas, but also to our tourist economy. As a Realtor in Las Vegas, I am concerned about doing all we can do to make Southern Nevada a place people want to make their home.