5 places to take a date in (and around) St. George



THE SPECTRUM-1. Explore the outdoors 

Let’s face it: This area’s best (and biggest) asset is its miles upon miles of amazing outdoor attractions. In the St. George area, look no further than the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, an area spanning 20 miles with multiple recreational opportunities. Head to Springdale for the world-famous Zion National Park, or travel south until you get to Gold Butte in Nevada.

You can’t throw a red rock in any direction without hitting a great place to hike. 

The best part about exploring the outdoors with a date is, with the exception of the National Parks, it’s very low cost – or even free. 

But how can I make this an extra special date?

Do you remember the days of the picnic? 

Of course you don’t. People don’t do picnics these days – which makes a picnic in the great outdoors all the more special. 

Don’t tell your date the whole plan – just let him or her know you’ll be going out on a day hike. Pack a special meal that won’t spoil, but make sure to include things like knives, forks, spoons, and maybe even some stemware (we’d suggest plastic stemware to be on the safe side). Bring a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, and set up a romantic playlist on your smartphone. 

Plan a hike away from the busiest areas (we’d suggest steering clear of Dixie Rock / The Sugarloaf at Pioneer Park, for example). With thousands of acres of land in the area, this actually isn’t as difficult as it may seem. 

Once you’ve reached the pinnacle of your hike, zip open your bag and unfurl a blanket. Bring out all the picnic trimmings and press play on your music. 

This most basic of dates will end up being something even more glorious because who takes the time to plan something like this anymore? Your significant other will, no doubt, swoon.

Just be sure to pack out what you bring in. 

Happy dating!